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Carlor - la référence en matière de réchauffeur électrique pour moteurs et pour abreuvoirs !

Carlor: the leader in the field of preheating systems !

engine heater engine preheater réchauffeur moteur engine heater engine preheater réchauffeur moteur

Our advantages

Many studies have demonstrated the importance of a regular water supply and the benefits that this can provide for each type of livestock.

Dairy cattle

Dairy cows drink around a dozen times per period of 24 hours, particularly between 7 and 9 a.m. and 6 and 8 p.m.. As 87% of milk is water, milk production and fat content rise by 3.5% and 10.7% respectively if the cows have access to warm water all the time, rather than only during two periods of the day.
Their water consumption will increase by 18% in this case.


An increase in weight of 1.5 kg was recorded over a period of 40 days for sheep which drank daily, i.e. 1.15 kg more than sheep which could only access water every other day. Furthermore, sheep drinking every three days lost 2.7 kg.


It has been established that pigs which can access water all the time drink 12 times per day and gain an additional daily 0.05 kg. This allows breeders to make savings by using 11 kg less food per 45 kg of meat produced.

If the water in troughs freezes or if water supply is irregular, milk production can be expected to decrease and the animals will gain weight more slowly. In these conditions, breeders can rely on a rapid return on investment with Aqualine.

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