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Carlor - la référence en matière de réchauffeur électrique pour moteurs et pour abreuvoirs !

Carlor: the leader in the field of preheating systems !

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(Bio)diesel & Oil preheater

The Topstart (Bio)diesel & Oil is an electrical preheating system with forced circulationmade to warm up the (bio)diesel or oil of the engine. It is universal, reliable, easy-to-install and maintenance-free. The system has also following advantages: fuel savings, decreasing pollution, reduced engine wear, no more difficult cold starts.


(Bio)diesel & Oil preheater with circulation pump

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  •  Heavy machined aluminium body 100% recyclable
  • Very compact product with integrated circulating pump for quick and homogeneous preheating
  • Integrated powerful circulating pump saving electricity andimproving the life cycle of engine components
  • Heating element with top-quality shielding and low specific power, increasing its life-cycle
  • Control thermostat with high cutout power for an optimized life cycle
  • Safety thermostat with manual re-set option to protect the heating element if (bio)diesel or oil levels in the circuit are low or if the control thermostat fails
  • High waterproofness
  • Easy replacement of parts
  • Two years warranty on labour and spare parts
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