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Carlor - la référence en matière de réchauffeur électrique pour moteurs et pour abreuvoirs !

Carlor: the leader in the field of preheating systems !

engine heater engine preheater réchauffeur moteur engine heater engine preheater réchauffeur moteur

November 2013

With the aim of continual improvement, Carlor Engineering has decided to replace the Grundfos UPS1 pumps with Grundfos UPS2 pumps on its Tosptart (TSG). The new Grundfos UPS2 pumps can also be mounted on old Topstart  (TSG) as the rotor is compatible with our current heating bodies.

The Grundfos UPS2 is a high efficiency Eup 2015 compliant pump. The installation of one of these pumps will reduce the power consumption considerably. The lower power consumption is achieved through new electronics and hydraulics. The UPS2 circulator pumps have the following features:

• integrated differential-pressure control enabling adjustment of pump performance to the actual system requirement

• motor based on permanent magnet/compact-rotor technology.

If compared to a Topstart with standard Wilo pump, the savings will be the following:

Pump type Power Consumption @ 6m head Annual Power consumption Annual cost* Annual CO² produced**
Grundfos UPS2 48W 420,48 kW/h 42 € 136 kg
Wilo RS 25/6 93W 814,68 kW/h 81 € 264 kg
Yearly Savings 394,20 kW/h 39 € 128 kg

*with electricity price @ 0,10€ per kW/h (European average for industrial consumer in 2013)

** with 0,3240 kg of C02 produced per kW/h (European average)

Since a Topstart with Grundfos pump is a little bit more expensive (40,70 € adder on list price), the return on investment is about 1 year. Although being more expensive, the Topstart equipped with this new generation of Grundfos pump can actually help you save money!

The Carlor Engineering team hopes you will appreciate the efforts made to continuously improve the products of the Carlor range. We stay at your disposal if you have any question or remark.

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