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Carlor - la référence en matière de réchauffeur électrique pour moteurs et pour abreuvoirs !

Carlor: the leader in the field of preheating systems !

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Generator sets


Generator sets are increasingly present in our country, but also abroad. These sets are indispensable for ensuring an uninterrupted power supply to many locations: hospitals, airports, data centres, banks, etc.

Imagine for a moment a hospital that has suddenly lost electrical power. The generator set needs to kick in quickly to bridge the gap to avoid disruption to the hospital’s services.

The main function of the Carlor engine preheater is to bring the motor to a stable temperature, putting it in the best possible state to start up instantly. By adding a preheater to your generator set, you maximize the likelihood that it will start with minimal stress. The preheater unit also reduces wear on the engine caused by frequent starts from cold.

Carlor has provided manufacturers of generator sets and maintenance companies in the field with made-to-measure engine preheaters and engine heating solutions of unrivalled quality and reliability for over 15 years. Carlor solutions can be used to maintain generator set motors at an ideal operating temperature to create the best possible conditions for start-up.

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