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Carlor - la référence en matière de réchauffeur électrique pour moteurs et pour abreuvoirs !

Carlor: the leader in the field of preheating systems !

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Buses and trucks


Our studies have shown that the use of an engine preheating system can substantially reduce the consumption of a truck or a bus. Therefore, a truck equipped with a Carlor preheater operating 8 h/day, 200 days/year at an average outdoor temperature of +10°C would save 575 liters of diesel per year. A return on investment is therefore achieved in less than one year, not forgetting reduced engine wear and breakage risks.

The benefits of an engine preheating system

With a payback period of less than one year and an increase in vehicle reliability and longevity, as well as fuel savings, fit your vehicles with an engine preheater to generate savings across the board.

To find out more about the products that best suit your needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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