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Carlor - la référence en matière de réchauffeur électrique pour moteurs et pour abreuvoirs !

Carlor: the leader in the field of preheating systems !

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The Carlor website will be taken down soon. Please visit Phillips & Temro for the most current product and support information.

Generator sets


Generator sets are increasingly present in our country, but also abroad. These sets are indispensable for ensuring an uninterrupted power supply to many locations: hospitals, airports, data centres, banks, etc.

Carlor has provided manufacturers of generator sets and maintenance companies in the field with made-to-measure preheating solutions of unrivalled quality and reliability for over 10 years. Carlor solutions can be used to maintain generator set motors at an ideal operating temperature to create the best possible conditions for start-up.



Reducing the consumption of engines has become a critical priority for many engine manufacturers. The engine preheating solutions proposed by Carlor are one easy solution. These solutions can lead to significant fuel savings during the initial minutes after the engine is started, and promote long life cycles by protecting the engine from abnormal wear and breakage caused by cold start-ups.

The benefits of an engine preheating system

Service vehicles


Fire teams and ambulance staff save lives on a daily basis. This achievement is partially made possible thanks to ever-shorter journey times.
In order to minimize journey times, the start-up conditions for service vehicles must be optimized. Carlor preheating systems maintain the engine at start-up temperature, regardless of the outdoor weather conditions, ensuring quick and reliable start-up.

Buses and trucks


Our studies have shown that the use of an engine preheating system can substantially reduce the consumption of a truck or a bus. Therefore, a truck equipped with a Carlor preheater operating 8 h/day, 200 days/year at an average outdoor temperature of +10°C would save 575 liters of diesel per year. A return on investment is therefore achieved in less than one year, not forgetting reduced engine wear and breakage risks.

The benefits of an engine preheating system

Civil works machinery


Carlor has long been aware of the requirements of manufacturers of works machinery. Increasing the life-cycles and reliability of these machines while reducing fuel consumption is one priority for which Carlor has be able to answer. Our solutions can meet these expectations in a very simple manner, whether fitted as OEM or on the aftermarket.

Marine equipment


Carlor develops engine preheating solutions adapted to the naval sector on a daily basis. Our solutions are able to manage both the aggressive marine environment faced by equipment, but also the energy and reliability requirements of engines and their generator sets.



 Carlor regularly contributes to modernisation projects for locomotives. Drastic energy-saving targets are placed on the front line and can be achieved partially thanks to the use of Carlor preheaters.

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