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About Carlor

Carlor Engineering is a Belgian company that specialises in manufacturing electric coolant preheating systems for use with all types of heat engines. Carlor is your trusted partner in the field of engine block heaters, electric heaters and much more.

Our products are designed to be installed in heat engines for generator sets, locomotive engines, construction and emergency vehicles, lorries, buses and even marine engines.

We also supply electric hydraulic oil heating systems for tanks and engines, as well as water heating systems for drinking bowls.


Carlor Engineering focused on originality of design, quality and long-term reliability of its equipment and became quickly an essential partner in the engine preheating sector, both in Belgium and on export markets

At the end of 1984 Carlor Engineering unveiled a new preheating system for breakdowns of diesel engines mainly due to ignition problems.

During the hard winter of 1985 there were a great number of breakdowns, mainly due to diesel engine ignition problems. Why not intervene before ignition problems occurred? (Read more)

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